Friday, 9 September 2011

Why Do I Love Doing PB Business

I have an option is either to work or being SAHM or continue my masters or BUSINESS!

I chose PB business instead! Why? Why? Why?

  • I'm my own boss!! I don't have to listen to anyone what to do etc2.
  • Money works for me!! Yes!
  • No stress at all!!
  • I manage my own time. Bangun sukati jer tido pun ikut suka, kalau rasa penat tido. hehe
  • Busy busy busyyyy?? = MORE MONEY!
  • I can pass on my title (diwarisi) to my children! Kalau I kerja jadi Doctor ke, Engineer ke i can't pass that to Ammar.
  • Fastest way to get money within short period. ie I need 30k for kitchen kabinet, simple! Work for it!! 2-3 bln biznes confirm dapat dah.
  • Dapat 100% full support from my leaders! Kalau bukak kedai sendri, pandai2 la kau survive sendiri! (Mmg ponnn coz dah ada business lain b4 ni)
  • FREE Car, holiday 3 x 1 year, 5 figure income..? What else i can ask for! huhu
  • Special training provided by our leaders just to help us to grow our business FOC
  • I meet new people, make friends with them, and do bizz with them! Ikatan silaturrahim
  • Bila buat biznes, lagi mendekatkan diri kita pada Allah. Kita sentiasa meminta pada Allah untuk murahkan rezeki kita. ;) InsyaAllah
  • Plan marketing very very unique! Sistem ADIL & SAKSAMA. Bukan pyramid sistem yehh.
  • I don't have to dress up for office attire, i just can wear jeans as long as it look presentable!
  • On average I only work 2 hours daily!!
  • Takde sapa nak marah kalau tak keluar buat biznes pun. huhu
  • Ohh company ni takperlu disangkal lagi.. BSKL MAIN BOARD, CERTIFIED by KPDN HEP, FORBES 3 years in a row, Listed in Malaysia book of record! Wehuuuuu

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