Saturday, 6 August 2011

Breastfeed while wearing PB

recently ramai mummies tanya, senang ke nak breastfeed kalau pakai PB ni?

so, hari ni sy nak cerita sikit pasal breastfeeding while wearing PB

pemandangan biasa

Lepas tu adjust the strap by lowering it down. 
The strap is located on the front so it's easy peasy!IF you're BF directly, than dah boleh terus feed baby :)

If your'e using Medela Freestyle,there's a specific hook(hook A) that you can hookat the long bra strap

The other clip can be clipped at the waist nipper.

You're good to go now :)
IF you're using the manual/electric pump that doesn't have any clip/hooks to itthan just pump like normal.

When you're done, just re-adjust your bra strap!!

IF all this you pump your Breast Milk and you got the milk lah.But that's all about it right?

NOW you got the milk, more milk, shapelier body and healthier you!

Your body is shaping and cleansing itself with Premium Beautiful!

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